Major Events:

TCFMN holds Monthly Fellowship Meeting on every third or fourth Friday of the month at Bethel Baptist Church in Sunfish Lake (which is near Mendota Heights), Minnesota. TCFMN is thankful to Pastor Don Delich and to all the leaders at Bethel Baptist Church( for graciously offering their church facility to be used for the TCFMN gatherings.

TCFMN also conducts once a month Cottage Prayer Meetings for spiritual enrichment at Member's homes. TCFMN’s Annual Summer Picnic will be organized during every summer and this will be a time of fun and getting to know other families and friends in the twin cities and spreading the love of Christ in Telugu Indian community.

TCFMN All Night Prayer Meetings are held every first Friday of the month. We humbly go in the presence of the Lord and spend the whole night in thankfulness and prayer supplications. We pray not only for our families but also for perishing souls around the world. We pray for all the nations, Governments, Authorities, People and their salvation.

TCFMN's Kids’ Night (also known as Kids for Christ- KFC) is an annual event that provides a great opportunity for the kids to present their talents for the glory of God. Other such events which attract more people are the Christmas, Good Friday and Year End Watch Night Service. Our Christmas Program and Christmas Carols has been a great way of reaching out to Unbelievers in Twin Cities especially Indian Community and sharing the Gospel of Christ with them.