Please join us for an All Night Prayer, so that we can seek God for our personal needs and the needs of others. Let us use this time of prayer to commend ourselves for his Mercy and Grace so that His protection endures in our families
  • Sickness, Healing, Health, Comfort
  • Families and spiritual growth
  • Unity in marriages and families
  • Families who moved out of MN
  • The salvation of friends and families
  • Career and other needs
  • Financial troubles/issues
  • Jobs and Promotions
  • Visa Issues
  • Travel / Journey
  • Ministry
  • Revival in TCFMN and in India
  • Ministries in MN
  • Ministries in the USA (Telugu Fellowships)
  • Leaders/Offices/ Cities/ States/ Countries
  • In offices and workplaces
  • Govt. Authorities-AP, India, Twin Cities, MN, USA
  • World-Peace
  • Persecution of Christians globally
  • Israel - Peace

Prayer is the place where burdens change shoulders
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TCFMN All Night Prayer Meetings are held every first Friday of the month. We humbly go in the presence of the Lord and spend the whole night in thankfulness and prayer supplications. We pray not only for our families but also for perishing souls around the world. We pray for all the nations, Governments, Authorities, People and their salvation.

Come and Join us every first Friday of the month  at 10 PM at 

Johnson & Vishali's Home
15401 Eagle Bay Way, Apple Valley | directions  
(601) 212-0640 & (601) 291-4307


Veeru Nukala - (210) 861-5863
Damu Annareddy - (952) 381-7118